Anneli & Fredrik

June 10, 2006

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Here is a short description of the buildings at Rockelstad and their main purposes.

The Palace

This is the private home of the von Post family. A few of the guest rooms are in the main building, apart from that we will not use this building.

The East Wing

The dinner will be held here. There are also two floors with a number of guest rooms where many of you will sleep.

The Guest (west) Wing

This 18th century wing is decorated with wooden floors and handpainted wallpaper. This house is situated right opposite from the East Wing. Many of the guest rooms are in this building.

The Bridge House

This is completely decorated in wood. Some guest rooms are situated on the first floor, on the ground floor we will dance, have a bar and a late night snack.

The Small Hunting Lodge and Gate-keeper's Lodge

These two houses, situated right opposite each other next to the East Wing and Guest Wing will be used as guest accommodation.